The Beginning


It all started March 17, when members of the UnFiction Community received a cryptic email from Ilya Muromets entitled "Instructions Are Attached" simply stating "Vengeance is their duty". It contained two attachments which led us to a Russian website, apparently ran by the First Chief Directorate (a division of the KGB).

Somehow, we were granted access and a Level I clearance, which allowed us to view this 1969 video, depicting what at first seems to be a SR-71 spyplane crash. Upon further investigation, it self-detonated and the remains are identified as being metals from South African mines. The technology is advanced but definitely of this world. Similar planes have been spotted above all major Russian military installations and in Iraq. This, along with the sinking of 2 of their subs,causes the F.C.D. to send out a call to all agents (this means you) to discover who is responsible and to try to recover the technology in order to reclaim "superpower" status.

This information is somehow leaked to an Alien Enthusiast named Ellie, who has her own website. There, we discover her weblog and more UFO sighting videos

Now, we receive another email from Ilya Muromets stating our objective: to find the traitor who is leaking information and hand over his name. This email also leads us to a website owned by a "conspiracy theory enthusiast" named Ellie. Apparently this is the medium through which the informant is leaking his info. Sifting through this website, we find another related website believed to be attributed to the Black Dragon Society.

This traitor's name is soon discovered to be Vladimir Ivanov and his name is promptly handed over to the F.C.D. We immediately receive confirmation of receipt of this information accredited to "Agent 42" and are promised a detailed report of this investigation (now named SIBERIA) within 72 hours. We are also informed of the death of 12 agents in Argentina, Brazil and "even the one we had in Tibet".

Vladimir is (unknown to the FCD) known as Hans, and is confirmed as an agent for the KSW Institute, also believed to be the Black Dragon Society. He is informed of his next task via coded message using an old transcript of "Journey to the Centre of the Earth" which has yet to be decoded. If I am correct, this sets the stage for Spy vs. Spy, pitting Russia (FCD-Agent 42-Scott) against China(BDS-Hans-Kosmopol).

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