Audio Files

Audio File attached to email sent to Hans (Kosmopol) from Erika

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Zarah Leander, "Davon geht die Welt nicht unter" (Still the World does not Collapse).
There also a Japanese speech (1:54 to 2:02) translated here:

今から首府がこうたいした。 I changed the capital (Or: I'm leaving (retreating) from metropolis)
これから私が権威と象徴を私が担う。 (From this time I'll carry on my shoulder power and symbol)

2nd Audio File sent to Hans from KSW Institute

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Audio file from Ilya

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Audio portion of KSW's welcome movie

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Morse code portion=1,5,3 (the enigma rotors KSW is using).
There is also a snippet of Russian and a short piece of music in the last part.

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