Aliens Heart Moonfruit

Ellie's website is pretty self-explanatory. It contains basic information about the latest UFO sightings, and what seems to be a blog for Ellie's latest adventures. Of note, though, are the advertisers. One of which is now the enigmatic Kantsaywhere Institute.

Coincidentally, there is also an advertisement for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China. It seems that Kantsaywhere is coordinating a Clean Water Project for this same Olympics Games.

Fanta is another advertiser whose product also appears in a blog by Taylor Michaels on his video blog.

One more advertisement of note is one that leads to a site showing the correct preparation of whale meat and a backlink to the main site showing pictures of the Nisshin Maru - the Japanese Whaler which is the "enemy" of Project Migaloo.

Recently, Ellie started a submissioin contest. Whoever sends in the best "fake" UFO sighting video wins a undisclosed prize rumored to be a UFO artifact.

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